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Privacy Policy


Most recent update: May 29, 2018

Thank you for browsing on our website!

Marvilla Parks places great importance on the trust you place in us when you browse on our website and reserve a mobile home holiday. We carefully monitor the protection of your personal data and compliance with the regulations on privacy and the processing of personal data.

When you visit and use our website, you agree to our privacy policy. This Privacy Policy describes how we collect, use, process and disclose information about you, including personal information related to your access and use of the https://www.marvilla-parks.com website, as well as the rights you have on these data that belong to you.


Personal data: Any information directly or indirectly identifying a natural person (e.g. name, registration number, phone number, photograph, date of birth, municipality of residence, fingerprint ...).

Receiving party: Person authorised to obtain the communication of data recorded in a file or a treatment as a result of their responsibilities.

Data controller: The data controller is, unless expressly designated by law or regulation relating to such processing, the person, the public authority, the service or the body that determines its purposes and means. In practice and in general, it is the legal person embodied by its legal representative.

(Source: CNIL - https://www.cnil.fr/fr/glossaire)

Data controller

When this policy mentions the term Marvilla Parks, “We”, or “Our”, they refer to the Homair Vacances Company, Aix-en-Provence RCS under the number 484 881 917, 570 Avenue du Club Hippique - The Derby - 13097 Aix-en-Provence cedex 02, which is responsible for information about you, in accordance with this Privacy Policy. As such, we have declared the processing of personal data collected on the website https://www.marvilla-parks.com to the CNIL under the number 1071348.

The Homair Vacances Company has appointed a Personal Data Protection Officer (DPO) whose contact is shown here: [email protected]


1. Data controller

We collect three general categories of information

1.1 Information that you provide to us

1.1.1 Information required to use the https://www.marvilla-parks.com website

Account information
When creating your Marvilla Parks Account, we ask you to provide us with certain information such as your first name, last name, title, e-mail address, postal address, telephone number and date of birth.

Profile Information
In order to use certain features of the https://www.marvilla-parks.com website (such as booking), we may ask you to provide additional information, for example first name, last name and date of birth of the participants in your stay or your license plate.

Communications with Marvilla Parks
When you contact Marvilla Parks, we collect information about your communications and any information you choose to transmit.

Why do we collect this data?
To comply with our legal obligations and to be able to provide you with all the services requested

1.1.2 The information that you choose to give us

Additional profile information
You can choose to provide additional information as part of your Marvilla Parks profile (language spoken, your family, parent and professional situation).

Other information
Otherwise, you can choose to provide us with information when filling out a form, conducting a search, updating or adding information to your Marvilla Parks Account, responding to surveys, posting on discussion boards, participating in promotion or use other features of https://www.marvilla-parks.com website.

Why do we collect this data?

To give you a better user experience when you use the https://www.marvilla-parks.com website.


1.2 Information we automatically collect when you use the https://www.marvilla-parks.com website

Geolocation information
When you use certain features of the https://www.marvilla-parks.com website, we may collect information about your approximate or precise location, (by your IP address or the GPS of your mobile device). Most mobile devices allow you to control or disable the use of location services in applications from the device settings menu. Marvilla Parks can also collect this information even if you are not using the application, if this connection is enabled in the settings or permissions of your device.

Usage information
We collect information about your interactions with the https://www.marvilla-parks.com website, such as your page or content visits, your search for stays, bookings you have made and other actions on the https://www.marvilla-parks.com website.

Connection and device data
We automatically collect login and device information when you access and use the https://www.marvilla-parks.com website, even if you have not created a Marvilla Parks Account or are not logged in. This information includes, among others: information about how you used the https://www.marvilla-parks.com website (including clicking on links to third party applications), IP address, dates and times of access, hardware data and computer software, device data, device usage data, unique identifiers, crash data, cookies, and pages that you have viewed or viewed before or after using our site.

Cookies and similar technologies
We use cookies or other similar technologies, such as web beacons, pixels and mobile device identifiers. We may also allow our business partners to use these tracking technologies on the https://www.marvilla-parks.com website or subscribe to the services of third parties to track your behavior on our behalf. The cookies used by Marvilla Parks include:

  • cookies linked to the identification on the Customer Area
  • shopping cart cookies
  • authentication cookies
  • persistent cookies for customising the user interface
  • audience measurement analytics cookies

Why do we collect this data?
To comply with our legal obligations, to offer you a better user experience, to be able to provide you with all the requested services and to improve the functionalities of the https://www.marvilla-parks.com website.

1.3 Information we collect from third parties

Marvilla Parks may collect information, including personal information, provided by third parties about you while using the Marvilla Parks website, or obtain information from other sources and combine it with the information we collect on the https://www.marvilla-parks.com website. We do not control, supervise or respond to the way third parties providing your information process your personal data. In addition, any request for information concerning the disclosure of your personal information to our company must be addressed to these third parties.

Third party services
If you link, associate or connect your Marvilla Parks Account to a Service provided by a third party (e.g. Google, Facebook), the service provided by the third party may send us information, such as information about your registration and your profile of the service in question. This information varies and is controlled by the third-party service or depends on the permissions that you have transmitted to this service through the privacy settings.

Other sources
To the extent permitted by applicable law, we may receive additional information about you, such as demographic data from third-party service providers and / or partners, and combine it with the information we have about you. We may receive information about you and your activities on and off the https://www.marvilla-parks.com website through partnerships, or about your experiences and interactions from our advertising partner networks.

2. Use of collected data

We use, store and process information, including personal information about you, to build, understand, improve and develop the https://www.marvilla-parks.com website, to create and maintain a more secure environment of trust, as well as to comply with our legal obligations.

2.1 To build, improve and develop the https://www.marvilla-parks.com website

Allow you to access and use the https://www.marvilla-parks.com website.

Manage, protect, improve and optimise the https://www.marvilla-parks.com site and experience, by carrying out analyses and studies, for example.

Provide a customer service.

Send you assistance-related or service-related messages, updates, security alerts, and account notifications.

If you give us the details of your contacts, we can process this information:

  • To provide your sponsorship invitations
  • To complete the file on your holiday
  • For all purposes authorised by you at the time of data collection.

To personalise and adapt your experience (for example by making holiday suggestions or classifying search results), we do a profiling based on your interactions with the https://www.marvilla-parks.com website, your search and booking history, your profile information and preferences, as well as other content you submit to the https://www.marvilla-parks.com website.

2.2 To create and maintain a more secure environment of trust

  • Detect and prevent spam, abuse, security incidents and other harmful activities.
  • Verify or authenticate the information or identifications you submit (for example, verify your address or phone number).
  • Conduct checks with databases or other sources of information
  • Comply with our legal obligations.
  • Resolve any disputes we may have with our clients and enforce our contracts with third parties.
  • Enforce our Rental Terms and Conditions  as well as other our policies.


Why do we process this data?

In order to protect the https://www.marvilla-parks.com website and to comply with applicable laws

2.3 To provide, customise, evaluate and improve our advertising and marketing of our services

  • Send to you promotional messages, commercial, advertising and other information that may interest you according to your preferences (including information about Marvilla Parks or about the campaigns and services of our partners) and social media ads via websites and social networks, such as Facebook or Google.
  • Customise, evaluate and improve our advertising.
  • Manage sponsorship programs, awards, surveys, sweepstakes, contests, or other activities or promotional events supported or managed by Marvilla Parks or its business partners.
  • Profiling your characteristics and preferences (based on information you provide, your interactions with the https://www.marvilla-parks.com website, information obtained from third parties, as well as your search and booking history) to send you messages promotional, commercial, advertising and other information that we believe may be of interest to you.

Why do we process this data?

To perform marketing activities to offer you products or services that may interest you.

You may opt out of receiving marketing communications from us by following the unsubscribe instructions included in our marketing communications.

In line with Act 2014-344 of the 17th March 2014, a customer may request to block all telephone canvassing by signing up to the BLOCTEL list.

Customers may sign-up to the no telephone canvassing list for free by post or online:

  • SOCIETE OPPOSETEL - Service Bloctel - 6, rue Nicolas Siret - 10 000 TROYES
  • www.bloctel.gouv.fr

3. Data Sharing and Disclosure

When you have given your consent, we may share your information as described at the time of your consent. For example, when you authorize an application or website of a third party to access your Marvilla Parks Account or when you participate in promotional activities conducted by Marvilla Parks partners or third parties.

Marvilla Parks may disclose your information to courts, governmental or law enforcement authorities or to authorized third parties, if required or permitted by law, or if such disclosure is reasonably deemed necessary:

  • to comply with our legal obligations,
  • to comply with the court process and to respond to claims against Marvilla Parks,
  • to respond to verified inquiries as part of a judicial investigation or alleged illegal or suspected activity or any other activity that may expose us, expose you or expose our users to legal liability,
  • for the purpose of executing and administering our Rental Terms and Conditions,
  • to protect the rights, property or personal safety of Marvilla Parks, its employees, customers or the public.

3.3 Service Providers

Marvilla Parks uses various third-party service providers to help us provide services related to the https://www.marvilla-parks.com website. Service providers may be located within the European Economic Area ("EEA") or outside. Our service providers, in particular, are based in Europe.

For example, service providers can help us to:

  • check your identity
  • check information against public databases
  • carry out product development, maintenance and debugging
  • enable the delivery of Marvilla Parks Services via third-party sites and software tools (e.g. through integration with our APIs)
  • provide customer service, advertising or payment services.

These service providers have limited access to your information as part of performing these tasks on our behalf and have a contractual obligation to protect and use them for the sole purpose for which they were disclosed and in compliance with this Privacy Policy.

3.4 Group, Subsidiaries and Affiliates

To enable us or to help make available the https://www.marvilla-parks.com website, we may share your information, including your personal information, within our group of companies (consisting of financial and non-financial entities), enjoying common property or joint control.

  • Sharing with the European Camping Group (ECG), group subsidiaries and partner campsites. All or part of your information may be communicated to the ECG, the group’s subsidiaries or partner campsites when creating your Customer Account or when reserving your holiday. Shared information may include in these circumstances:
    • your surname, first name, e-mail address, postal address, title, date of birth and telephone number,
    • information about your holiday,
    • the reservation details for your holiday, including but not limited to reservation dates and amounts paid,
    • the surnames, first names and details allowing the identification of all the participants in the holiday concerned. Sharing this data is necessary for the execution of the agreement between you and us.

3.5 Social Network Sites

Where possible under applicable law, we may use certain limited personal information about you, such as your email address, to share it with social networking sites, such as Facebook or Google, to generate potential customers, drive traffic to our websites or otherwise promote our products and services or the https://www.marvilla-parks.com website. These processing activities are used to undertake marketing activities to offer you products or services that may be of interest to you.

The social networking sites with which we may share your personal data are neither controlled nor monitored by Marvilla Parks. Therefore, any questions about how your social networking site provider handles your personal data should be directed to that provider.

Please note that you can always ask Marvilla Parks to stop processing your data for these direct marketing purposes by sending an e-mail to [email protected]

3.6 Collection and payment of the Tourist Tax

In the jurisdictions where Marvilla Parks allows the collection and payment of the Tourist Tax, as described in the “Taxes” section of the Rental Terms and Conditions customers, to the extent permitted by applicable law, expressly authorise us, without notice, to disclose data and other information relating to Customers and their transactions, reservations and Tourist Taxes to the tax authorities concerned, including but not limited to, the Customer’s name, the dates and amounts of the transaction, the tax identification number (s), the amount of taxes collected (or owed) by the Customers to the campsites and the contact details.

3.7 Business disposal

If Marvilla Parks undertakes or is involved in a merger, acquisition, reorganization, asset transfer or bankruptcy or insolvency proceeding, it may sell, assign or share all or part of its assets, including your information in connection with such transactions or in anticipation of the transaction (e.g. Vigilance regarding the customer). In this case, we shall inform you before your personal data are transferred and are governed by a different privacy policy.

4. Other important information

4.1 Analysis of your communications

We may review, browse or analyse your communications exchanged via the https://www.marvilla-parks.com website for the purposes of risk assessment, compliance, investigation, product development, research and user support. In some cases, we may also browse, review, or analyse messages for the purposes of debugging, enhancing, and expanding our product offering. We use automated methods wherever possible. However, we may occasionally need to manually review some communications, as part of user support, or to evaluate and improve the functionality of these automated tools. We shall not review, browse, or analyse your communications for third-party marketing messages, and we shall not sell reviews or analyses of such communications.

5. Third party partners and integrations

The https://www.marvilla-parks.com website may contain links to third-party services or websites, such as third-party integrations, trademark-sharing services, or third-party trademark services. Marvilla Parks does not own or control these Third Party Partners and in your interactions with them, you may either provide information directly to the Third Party Partner or to Marvilla Parks or both. These Third Party Partners may have their own rules regarding the collection, use and disclosure of information. We encourage you to read the privacy policies of other websites you visit.

6. Your rights

You may exercise any of the rights described in this section with your Marvilla Parks Processing Manager designated as competent by this Privacy Policy, by sending an e-mail to [email protected]. Please note that we may ask you if we may check your identity before taking any further action regarding your request.

6.1 Managing your information

You can access and update some of your information in your Account settings. You are responsible for keeping your personal information up-to-date.

6.2 Correction of inaccurate or incomplete information

You have the right to ask us to correct inaccurate or incomplete personal information about you (and that you cannot update yourself in your Marvilla Parks Account).

6.3 Retention and deletion of data

In general, we keep your personal information as long as necessary for the execution of the agreement between you and us and to comply with our legal obligations. If you no longer wish us to use your information to provide you with the services of the https://www.marvilla-parks.com website, you may ask us to delete your personal information and close your Marvilla Parks Account. Please note that if you request the removal of your personal information:

  • We may retain some of your personal information necessary for our legitimate business interests, such as improving security. For example, if we suspend a Marvilla Parks Account for security reasons, we may retain certain information from this Marvilla Parks Account to prevent that Customer from opening a new Marvilla Parks Account in the future.
  • We may retain and use your personal information to the extent necessary to comply with our legal obligations. For example, Marvilla Parks may retain some of your information for tax, legal and audit purposes.
  • Because we maintain the https://www.marvilla-parks.com website to protect it from accidental or malicious loss and destruction, residual copies of your personal information may not be removed from our backup systems for a limited period of time.
  • Navigation data is kept for a maximum of 13 months.
  • Prospect data is kept for a maximum of 3 years from the last contact you initiated with Marvilla Parks.
  • The information allowing us to take into account the rights of opposition of the persons concerned to receive commercial prospection is kept for a maximum period of 3 years from the exercise of this right.

If you have given your consent to the processing of your personal information by Marvilla Parks, you may withdraw your consent at any time by changing the settings of your Account or by sending a message to Marvilla Parksspecifying the consent you wish to withdraw.

If your personal information is processed for direct marketing purposes, you may at any time ask Marvilla Parks to stop processing your data for these direct marketing purposes by sending an e-mail to [email protected].

7. Amendments to this policy

Marvilla Parks reserves the right to make any changes to this Privacy Policy at any time, in accordance with this clause. If we make a change to this Privacy Policy, we shall post the new version on the https://www.marvilla-parks.com website and revise the date of "Most recent update” at the top of this Privacy Policy. We shall also inform you of the change by e-mail within a minimum of thirty (30) days before the effective date. If you do not agree with the terms of the new Privacy Policy, you may delete your Account. If you do not delete your Account before the effective date of the new Privacy Policy, further access to and use of the site shall constitute your acceptance of the revised Privacy Policy.

8. Contact

If you have any questions or complaints regarding this Privacy Policy or Marvilla Parks’ information handling practices, please contact us as follows:

Aix-en-Provence RCS under the number 484 881 917, 570 Avenue du Club Hippique - The Derby - 13097 Aix-en-Provence cedex 02

By e-mail: [email protected]

9.1 What are cookies ?

Version dated 14/09/2020

Cookies are small text files which we use to comply with legal obligations, to enable you to use our services, to offer you a better user experience, to improve the functionalities of our media (websites/applications), to record your preferences, to collect information for statistical and/or advertising purposes.

Not all cookies contain personal information. When that is the case, we process that data securely in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

These cookies may also be used by our partners and service providers. In this case, they are also defined as being "trackers". To simplify the reading and understanding of this text, we refer to cookies and trackers under the general term "cookie". When our partners use cookies on our media, the data that is collected is usually anonymised and does not enable you to be directly identified. The use of this data is always contractually defined with our suppliers/partners. However, we do not control the entire processing of your data and it is possible these suppliers may activate additional functionalities (e.g. attachment of your user profile to a group of similar users). This processing is not covered by this Privacy Policy or by this Cookies Policy.

Only cookies that are strictly necessary for the operation of our site can be stored on your device. We need your consent for other types of cookies. You can modify or withdraw your consent at any time by going to this space : Change your cookies preferences.

This cookies policy is valid for the domains/media (non-exhaustive list): marvilla-parks.com, booking.marvilla-parks.com...

9.2 Cookies are required for the use of our services

The essential cookies help make our Website work (e.g. page to page navigation, access to secure areas, etc.). Our Website cannot function properly without these cookies. These Cookies do not require the User's prior information or consent to be placed and used.

Notably, these cookies enable the adaptation of our media to your display parameters (language, resolution, device, etc.) and the recording of information collected via forms that you complete. They also allow you to access your customer account as well as any other personal space, via your identifiers...

Download the complete list of these cookies (PDF file)

9.3 Audience measurement and analysis, satisfaction measurement, social media and marketing cookies

These cookies enable us to establish statistics on visits to our media, to analyse which pages are most popular or those which produce errors, to ask for your feedback on use of our services, to enable you to share content on social media, to establish your user profile so we can offer you more personalised editorial and advertising content.

Some of these cookies are placed and used without the need for your explicit consent, while others do require your agreement. You can modify your consent regarding cookies at any time.

Download the complete list of these cookies (PDF file)

9.4 How do I choose which cookies to manage ?

You have several options when making your choice. Most importantly, we would like to draw your attention to the fact that the statement of your agreement or refusal on the subject of cookies by using any method listed below is also based on the use of a cookie.
We would also advise you to read our suppliers' privacy policies and cookie policies before making your choices.

Method 1: via our website
We offer you a space in which you can express your consent and modify it at any time. To access that space, please click here : Change your cookies preferences.

This space can also be accessed from the information banner displayed when you first visit the website, when your consent is received or renewed (every 12 months from the date of the first receipt of consent) or when we have no information about your consent.

This banner offers you a choice of 3 actions :

  • « Accept », by clicking on this button, you are giving your consent for all cookies to be used during your visits,
  • « Refuse », by clicking on this button, only essential cookies will be used during your visits,
  • « Settings », by clicking on this button, you will be able to define your consent by type of cookie or for each cookie.

This method allows us to store your preferences in cookies with a name that begins with 'CM_'.

Method 2: via our suppliers' websites
You can state your consent or refusal with regard to the use of our suppliers' cookies by going directly to their websites.
In the tables listing our cookies, we provide you with a maximum number of links to pages where you can consult the policies applied and, sometimes, state your agreement or refusal.

Method 3: via your browser
You can configure your browser software so that cookies are subject to your approval for each new supplier, accepted automatically or rejected automatically. This configuration differs depending on each browser. It is usually described in the browser's help menu.

Remember that if you configure your browser not to accept any cookies, we will not know which consent you have given regarding our cookies and, as a result, we will ask you to define your consent again when you next visit.

Method 4: via youronlinechoices.com
You can go to the Youronlinechoices website to make your choice regarding "marketing" cookies offered by digital advertising professionals who are members of the EDAA (European Digital Advertising Alliance).

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